Facial Therapy Course

Accredited Diploma Course

This online professional course aims to teach you everything that you need to know about Facial Therapy, whether you are looking to learn the techniques for yourself or to help others by starting your own business.  

Facial Therapy

you will learn how to cleanse the face, analysis of skin types, tone, exfoliation, steam, facial massage and mask application, this beauty facial course covers the professional facials performed in salons.

The beauty facial routine will cover skin analysis and how to choose the correct face mask according to the skin diagnosis and learn how to recognise and treat different skin types and conditions.

Facials and facial massage are all too often considered a form of pampering, there are many benefits that facials have on your skin make it a treatment worth investing and your clients will delight in these relaxing and calming treatments.

This course also includes product training for the amazing LA Skincare range.  You will be able to perform treatments and also retail the products to your customers.

Your Facial Massage Course includes: