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Louisa Ashforth – creator of the LA Brand.

Someone who has been in your shoes and has the secrets to success.

Here are the 4 pillars to the brand. 

  • Creating Salon Success – Beauty business coaching, support and accountability for salon owners

  • Skincare range – Louisa has created a premium, celebrity-endorsed, skincare brand, used in salons around the country.

  • Training Academy – Providing training in beauty treatments.

  • Beauty and Spa – Holistic spa where people can escape the world for a while.


  • Are you feeling stuck in your Beauty Business?

  • Do you have a skincare range, but it is not making you profits?

  • Are you working 12 hour days and still not making the profits you should be?

  • Do you pay yourself a decent wage?

  • If you took a holiday would your business still run?

  • Do you feel alone and unsupported?

  • Would you like to expand your business skills?

  • Do you wish you could offer more treatments?

I can help with all of these and make them happen for you.  If you are open to learning and changing the way you do things, please arrange a call…