You may ask why do we need a morning routine?

Creates success

You may ask why do we need a morning routine?  Some of the most successful people in history have relied on morning routines to help them start their day consistently.  From the likes of Oprah Winfrey to Barack Obama, just to name a few...

Morning routines need to be planned and often begin at night.  Make sure you are prepared.  Look at this example below...

Morning routine recipe

Morning routine recipe


Why a morning routine?

A morning routine gives you a chance to start with positive momentum that will carry you through the rest of the day. It also gives you a chance to set your priorities.  This allows you to focus on productive work that’s most important to you.

Creating a morning routine gives you the control to start your day in the way you want to and to prioritise what you care about most.  Instead of letting other people, emails, and notifications interrupt you all morning and start your day re-actively.

People often say I haven't got time for a morning routine.  On another subject why not have a look at the time management course on the main part of the website.

What should your morning routine look like? I hear you ask…

There are some common aspects of a morning routine that can get you started and help you figure out what will work best for you.

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Obviously, the first part of your morning routine will be waking up.

But even if you’re well-rested when you first wake up, you’ll still face sleep inertia.  That’s the groggy feeling you get just after waking up.  This makes your eyes feel heavy and makes you feel like going back to sleep is the best thing to do.

Building elements into your morning routine to help you overcome sleep inertia more quickly can make it easier to wake up and get started with your day.

Try the RISE UP approach, it can leave you feeling alert and awake just minutes after waking up:

Refrain from snoozing
Increase activity for the first hour
Shower or wash face
Expose yourself to sunlight
Upbeat music
Phone a friend

Clear your mind through writing

If you find yourself feeling scattered or unfocused first thing in the morning.  This is when writing can help you clear your mind and helps you deal with what’s worrying you.  It can help prepare you to focus on the days work.


Writing in your journal can help clear and organise your mind.

Unconscious writing:

I have mentioned before if your mind is busy and you are feeling stressed, try unconscious writing.  This is basically just putting pen to paper and without really thinking about what you are writing just write anything.  If you feel tired, just start ‘I feel tired today and …’ (Don’t use a computer, it needs to be pen to paper for this).

Clear your thoughts

If you attempt to write 3 pages of your journal this will clear your top thoughts and discover deeper, more interesting thoughts and ideas after the first page.  Many people claim to be more in-tune with their intuition by doing this, because we start to listen to inner selves more.

You do not need to re-read or share these morning papers, this way you’ll hopefully feel freer to express your thoughts without judging yourself.

Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.

Start your day with positivity

It might sound obvious but starting your morning routine with something you enjoy adds some positive momentum to your day.  Many of us fall into the trap of reacting to negative news, emails, or customer support issues first thing in the morning, starting our day with negativity and setting ourselves in motion with negative momentum.

No phone!

Instead of looking at my phone or firing up my laptop (where I could find negativity) while the kettle is on I do some deep breathing and think of things that make me smile.  Or I just have a quick cuddle with one of my cats.

By starting your day with positivity, its like a shield of armour from the negativities of the rest of the day.  If you were to start with negative influences first, the rest of the day is an uphill battle to reach positivity.

Find what makes you happy

Create your own positive morning routine by finding activities that make you smile to start your day with.


Exercise is what helps my mindset and I stand by this to start your day well.  Exercise releases happy feelings.  I am not saying you need to take up running, but a quick walk around the block would work!  Find what works for you…  Try a few ideas until you find the one that is right.  You could even vary it up, Yoga one day and running the next and then walking the next.

Have a look at my 30 day planner to help give you some tips to get your mind in the best possible place

Do what’s important to you

Starting your day positively will help you control the feeling of your day; a morning routine can also help you find time to prioritise projects/tasks.

This is the purpose of the morning routine: You should get one “small win” to create momentum in each life domain that’s important to you.

Try making a list of all the areas of your life you want to work on every day.

This might include your own business or side projects, keeping in touch with friends and family, stretching your brain, or staying fit and healthy.

For each area on the list, add one action to move it forward to your morning routine.  This way, you’ll start your day by working on the areas of your life that you care about most, setting the tone for your day.


Here are four ways to get you started on your own positive, productive morning routine:

Change it if you need to

Once you’re up and running with your morning routine, you can adjust your routine based on your lifestyle, your goals, and even make it more flexible to account for times when you’re travelling or extra busy.

With a little tweaking you can develop a personal morning routine to set you up with positive momentum to carry you throughout the rest of your day.


Tips to Sell Skincare – Especially now during the COVID – 19 crisis

I don’t have to tell you; at this moment in time it is a nightmare for the Hair and Beauty industry.

We are all struggling to keep money coming in - we need cash flow right?

If you are one of the people that falls through the gaps of being able to claim anything or if you are a director and don’t want to become furloughed because you need to keep your business going.  This way you can keep marketing your business and keep in contact with clients.

Now, if you have skincare and products to sell from your salon, now could be the best time to do it!!

I can already hear you asking, but how?

Massive increase in sales

I have noticed a massive increase in sales for my skincare.  Now it could be numerous reasons, one being that I am not so focused on the salon and the revenue needed there to cover costs.  Or maybe not worrying about getting the clients through the door, or managing staff etc…

Because we have been forced to step back from our salons, it has given me time to focus on skincare sales and building relationships with clients, but online and not in person.

A comment many clients have said to me is ‘they are wanting to help more local businesses instead of the big brands’.  How amazing is that?

Now capitalise

Without being mean, this is a time to capitalise on this…  ‘People want to help smaller businesses through this crisis’.  Now, if this is the case get your products in front of them.

First things first

I would always say, look at your profit margin that you get from your supplier.  This is when we need more than a 20-30% commission.  We need a product range that is giving us at least 50% commission.  That way you have far more flexibility to offer discounts in your salon or to your loyal customers.

Have a look at your profit margins and if you don’t have a big margin, I would consider looking at a different brand.

Most salon brands have a big margin, if some of your products are from a multi-level marketing company, it is likely it is a lower percentage.  Now there is nothing stopping you ringing the company and seeing if they can increase your profit margin during this time.


Ok, so we want money, but how?

I would be looking at:


Just to reiterate.  Clients are your best allies right now.  Think how long have they supported you?  If you ask they will deliver.  Believe me, that is how I have got my own skincare sales up.


‘I haven’t got any products to sell’ – Don’t worry.

Ok, so you don’t have any products.  There are so many companies out there that want you to stock their products.  Now some may do a sale or return.  Some may do drop shipping.

If you don’t know drop shipping is where you don’t have to do very much.  You do all the advertising to your clients.  You do all the social media and building relationships, but you do it under your own page (I recommend setting yourself a new page up for this – pick a company name, use your salon name.  Say your salon is called ‘Beauty by Louisa’, you could have ‘Retail Products @ Beauty by Louisa’ as a separate Facebook business page, where you just do product sales.

Many companies you could promote the products and have a unique code for you.  You get your client to put in the code at checkout, the company send the products straight to the customer.

Does that make sense?

Unique Code

Basically, what this means is you promote to your clients and give them a code Louisa10 for example.

This gives then 10% off and the company will see the code the client has used and then send you your commission.  You could still earn 20-30% and you have given your client 10% off, but you haven’t lost out.

Or you could give them 20% off and you earn 20% as an initial sale.

Is this making sense?

It is a very low hassle way to sell to your clients.

Love the products you sell

This is so important.  If you don’t like what you sell, it won’t work.  You may think you aren’t a salesperson (I hear it all the time).

However, what about when you get that client to re-book?  Or you get them to have more treatments in that appointment.  That is all sales, but because we are just being ourselves and natural it doesn’t feel it.

That is the perfect sale and that is what you need to achieve with the products.

Just try the, first.  Find the one product in  the range that wowed you.  For example as scrub is really easy, because it is instant.  So you can say ‘wow my face feels incredible.  It is like brand new skin’.  A client sees that post and thinks, what’s that I want it.  Boom! A Sale!!

It doesn’t have to be complicated – just try it!

LA Skincare

For example, my company is called LA Skincare.  Have a look www.LASkincare.co.uk

At LA Skincare, we understand it is hard to do an opening order, so we have numerous options…

We have a mobile package, a small beauty salon package and we also have a drop shipping option.

I would always recommend you buy the starter pack to try as sales only ever work if you believe in a product and you are genuine.  If you are not a fan, clients can see right through it, so you have to be passionate.

If you go to https://laskincare.co.uk/product/starter-kit/ and enter SALONPACK you can try the products at a heavily reduced rate.

Anyway, this is not meant to be a sales pitch.  It is just an example.  But if you want any more info on this just send me a message.

Much love

Louisa xx