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Where it all began…

After I received a text from a friend of mine, saying something along the lines of:  ‘If you want to take your nails business further, I’ll ring you when I have finished work, it could be interesting!’

Well, this alone had me intrigued.  I believe in the universe putting us on a path and if what we are doing is in alignment, then it will all flow.

I began my Beauty Salon in 2001.  This was at a time when there was not a salon on every corner!  I began renting a room in a tanning studio (back in the day of tanning).  Tanning was never my bag, but I gained some amazing client’s, and some are still my clients to THIS day!

I now have an award-winning salon that has grown and given me an amazing lifestyle.  My salon has gone from 1 room and renting to purchasing an amazing property and I have built a spa area including a steam room and sauna and relaxation area.  I have a holistic approach to my salon, and this is where my passion is at.  My salon has tripled in size, if not more.  To the point where I don’t actually NEED to be there…  Which is a great feeling.  Although, I often choose to be there as I still love seeing clients and my staff.  Plus, I think I am a bit of a control freak too, haha, I am sure you can all relate to that from time to time.  But my main goal here was to have a salon that will run by the staff I have employed and know they have everything under control.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no easy task!  At this time, I knew very few people in the industry.  I just knew I had to stop working how I was, I couldn’t keep going.  So, in order to do this, I had to find new ways of working and making the business work for me.  I was rapidly losing my passion and to be honest I wanted OUT!

I connected with other business owners, not in the Beauty world but I spent money on coaching and learning.  I read sooooo many business books and I was a sponge for this knowledge.

Working out where I was going wrong.  Learning that on my own I could NOT do it all!  Not without feeling the burnout, anyway.

I spent time working ON the business instead of in it.  I am sure you have all heard of this.  But I needed to assess patterns and behaviours and get the RIGHT staff on board.  I used to employ people to give people a chance.  I learnt it was time to put the needs of the business first and have those people on board who shared MY values.

I needed to be strong to make so many changes to the business, but most of all to my MINDSET and have a belief that it will all work out.  It has!!

That is why I want to help so many people in the industry.  I can see people who are where I was or people who say what I would have said a few years ago.

I started mentoring in 2019.  I have helped many people realise their dream business, where they see themselves and helped them create a road map of how to get there.  I work with each person and find out what THEY want from their business.  We are not all the same!!

To make this more accessible I have created a membership site this allows us to do group coaching and you can go at your own pace.  Of course, there are options to work directly with me on here too, so don’t worry…

The 4 pillars of the brand…

  • Creating Salon Success – Beauty business coaching, support and accountability for salon owners.
  • Skincare range – Louisa has created a premium, celebrity-endorsed, skincare brand, used in salons around the country.
  • Training Academy – Providing training in beauty treatments.
  • Beauty and Spa – Holistic spa where people can escape the world for a while.